About UltimateFisher

Who are the people behind UltimateFisher?

UltimateFisher was created by a group of experienced fishermen and fisherwomen who wanted to help aspiring anglers either pick up their first rod or start catching more and better fish. Between us, we have several decades of experience in both freshwater and saltwater fishing in all continents and using a range of methods. Each of us has a different specialty that we've spent many years honing, including surf fishing, fly fishing, ice fishing, and many more.

Why do we do this?

For us, part of the joy of fishing comes from sharing the experience with others. UltimateFisher is our way of giving back to the fishing community. Through our experience as full-time anglers, we've learned a thing or two about what it takes to pull off successful fishing trips and we’re excited to share the lessons we've learned with you.

The UltimateFisher team

With decades of experience with a rod in hand, our writers comprise bait fishers, fly fishers, surf fishers, and more.

Anthony grew up in Newcastle, Australia and has been fishing for over 30 years. He has fished all around Australia, Asia, and Europe and specializes in rock and surf fishing.

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Mike grew up fishing on Long Island, New York, with his dad. He works seasonally as a lifeguard and lives in a truck camper, which allows him to fish, surf, and explore during the off-season.

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The UltimateFisher mission

We know how daunting it can be for newcomers to break into the fishing world. There’s tons of conflicting advice and the list of gear you need to start seems endless. With UltimateFisher, we hope to simplify the process and help a new generation of fishing enthusiasts to pick up their rods and start fishing.