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Who are we?

UltimateFisher was created by a group of experienced fishermen and fisherwomen who wanted to help aspiring anglers either pick up their first rod or start catching more and better fish.

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Building a trustworthy brand

From the beginning, UltimateFisher has been about creating the best fishing content on the web, written by genuine field experts that readers can trust. That’s why we showcase our expert writers’ impressive profiles on each article. We’re proud of our expertise and believe this helps our readers to trust UltimateFisher.

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The UltimateFisher team

All UltimateFisher authors are experts in their respective fields.

Anthony grew up in Newcastle, Australia and has been fishing for over 30 years. He has fished all around Australia, Asia, and Europe and specializes in rock and surf fishing.

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Mike grew up fishing on Long Island, New York, with his dad. He works seasonally as a lifeguard and lives in a truck camper, which allows him to fish, surf, and explore during the off-season.

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